Happy Monday! Three things. First did you know I’m a big music fan? I love playing music when I’m working on my computer, in the shower, taking Mav on walks, and I love blasting music on my way to work and singing like I’m Mariah Carey with the windows up of course. Hehe. I “like” a lot of songs on Pandora but Im also that person who refuses to pay a monthly fee for no adds. I probably should invest in that, but I’ve been really loving Spotify lately. So much so that I decided to make a summer playlist and share it with you guys. I’ll continue to add songs I love throughout the summer but so far here are 25 songs I’ve been jamming out to. If you’d like to follow me on Playlist and keep up with the songs I add to this playlist I’d love that. Spotify Summer 2018 Playlist

The second part of todays post is an article in SDVoyager about ME. Can you even believe it? Im so thankful they reached out to me and would love for you to read my short article. Link is here.

Lastly, I love a good sleeve detail and this top is not only lightweight but comfy. The day we shot was pretty hot out but I felt cool in these. I also love pairing a long sleeve with shorts to kind of balance out the outfit so I don’t feel like IM showing too much skin. I cannot for the life of me find this top anywhere online but I’m linking some similar tops here and here. My shorts are old but I’m loving these and these more affordable ones too. My bracelet is Lucky Brand also from three years ago but I’m loving thisthis, and this because who doesn’t love fringe am I right? 

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