Friday Finds. My Christmas Wish List

Hi Babes. Happy Friday!
Whoo this week was a short work week for me and I’m definitely not complaining. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving. We spent it with some of our closest friends, and Mav got to hang with his little bestie Jackson. I’m fat and happy and eating leftovers into 2019. This has been a tough week for all of us in this house, and with J leaving us next week for 10 days, things will be especially harder with just us two. Anyways, that’s all stuff I’ll talk more about in another post next week. Today’s post is all about ME, and what I have on my Christmas wish list. You know that list that no one actually looks at, but you secretly hope your hubby looks at it and then surprise, on Christmas day you open a box with your new flat iron and overly expensive boots. That’s what this is. Whats on your Christmas wish list? Also, more importantly, are you a Christmas tree before, or after Thanksgiving kind of person? Aaaaand, are you a real Christmas tree person, or fake? I love the way a real tree smells, but were fake tree people all the way. LOL. We’ll be going to Vermont for Christmas to be with J’s family, so I’m wondering if I should even go through the effort of putting a tree up. I’m being very indecisive because its a lot of work, but this will be Mav’s second Christmas, but first Christmas as a big boy, so I feel like I’ll give in and put it up. I’ll keep you updated on my insta stories. I’ve been on Anthro’s website looking at ornaments and I’m dying at how good they are. For now, feel free to browse my wish list, who knows, you may find something you like. Oh, also, I didn’t want to forget this. I love books, and my favorite author is James Patterson. J usually gets me a few of his new books for birthdays or Christmas. I don’t have books on this wish list, but thats because I know he’ll get me some, and honestly, those are my fave gifts to receive.
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