Fathers Day Gift Guide

Ladies, raise your hands if you feel like your hubby/boyfriend is hard to shop for. *raises hand way up high* I’ve come to learn that there is absolutely NO surprising J and if I feel like he may like something, chances are, he 100% won’t. After being married for 2.5 years, I have learned my lesson. Nowadays I just ask him if he likes something and he’ll tell me if he does or doesn’t. I appreciate that. I like to drop hints here and there about things I like so I’d much rather get him something I know he’ll actually use/wear rather then having it sit there unused. I’ve come up with a list of things approved by J, AKA, things he’d actually use. So take a look and maybe get inspired.


1. I love the shape and matte finish of these and find the square shaped sunnies fit J’s face best.

2. These fun boxes are just for women anymore. There are SO many different kinds out there for men its nuts. Since J likes to fish, this would be one I’d get him. Click the link for a list of all the best boxes out there for the special guy in your life. 

3. Just like the subscription boxes, gifting someone a gift card can be a great gift. They are available for pretty much any store out there your man loves and sometimes, this is easier to get than an actual gift. This way they can choose what they want and you know they’ll actually like it.

4. J loves a good t shirt. He loves fishing, and this Salty Crew brand is one of my go to’s when buying him shirts. I know they’ll fit him and I know he’ll like them. 

5. I own this bottle and love it. I have the straw attachment and because of that I drink way more water now then I ever used to. This bottle is lightweight, durable and stylish.

6. You honestly can’t go wrong with a good pair of tennis shoes. These don’t necessarily need to be for running. You can get him a pair for everyday wear. 

7. This one is kind of a no brainer for me. J shaves his face every morning and this is something I know he’d appreciate receiving any time of the year. 

8. Theres honestly nothing J loves more than food with flavor. If it’s spicy, even better. Whenever we go grocery shopping and were buying meat I can always find him perusing the spice section. Hey, I’m not complaining. 

9. This doesn’t need to be an expensive gift. I’ve found so many of these awesome grilling sets out there for under $60 including this one. The best part, it comes in a case so it doesn’t sit outside and get rusted or worse, neglected. 

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