Friday Finds

Am I the only one that still gets a little freaked out about Friday the 13th? Im normally not very superstitious but theres something about this date that definitely gives me the heebie jeebies (do people still say that lol) I figured Id stick with the baby theme to finish this week out, so I rounded up some items I'm currently loving for Mav. I took advantage of some sales and bought this adorable trucker hat as well as this super soft graphic tee. I think this sweater is totally adorable and I'm definitely eyeing a pair of good vans for Mav once he starts walking. These will go with EVERYTHING. Im also a big fan of these native shoes. They seem really versatile and durable and thats what Mav needs. He's only crawling but I can tell when he starts walking things are going to get cray around here. I picked up this super soft AC DC tee and found some other great graphic tees for boys like this, this one, and how cute is this tank?? Boy clothes have come such a long way. Its about time all the cute clothes weren't being made just for girls. Am I right?? This summer I am all about cute jersey shorts. Mav has so many good ones and I just ordered a few including this adorable pair for just $5.99. Im all about buying him clothes that will last, and pieces that are a bit pricey, but I love a good sale. P.S the jacket above is from the tot and Ive ordered one for Mav and cannot wait for him to be big enough to wear it. Heres the link so you can get your own custom jacket!



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