Friday Finds:Three Tools I’m Addicted To

Happy Friday Friends! I’m sure everyone has fun plans for this weekend, or at least I hope you do. Unfortunately this is my weekend to work but it’s cool, because I took two weeks off for Mavs birthday. (Its the most important day of the entire year duh) We have a bunch of friends and family coming into town so we’ll spend some time just relaxing and hanging out. Jonathan and I will probably try to sneak in a date night somewhere in there. Aaaaaaanyways. Today’s post is all about three new facial tools I discovered and love.

I used to wear a jade bracelet in high school that the owner of an Asian market my mom used to go to gave me. This was indeed the first piece of jewelry I wore and really loved. It was real jade and had an ornate gold clasp at the end. I remember someone in my French class saying that it was ugly, and at the time, I was easily embarrassed so I took it off and never wore it again. Don’t fret because its back. But this time, in the form of my new favorite facial tool. You’ve probably heard of it and seen it on every single Bloggers Instagram. It seems like it may be a fad, but I think it will stay. Or atlas I hope it will. So, the first tool I have become obsessed with is my handy dandy Jade Roller.  The benefits are amazing. I like to keep mine in the fridge and use it in conjunction with my serum at night. I use it without a serum in the morning while I’m drinking my coffee and my under eye bags thank me for it. There are plenty of benefits to using a Jade Roller but the most important thing to remember is that drinking a lot of water after each use is a very good idea. Since I am no expert on skincare and I refuse to pretend I am, I read tons of articles on the benefits of using this tool. I like this article  by Women Health Magazine, because its short, sweet, and to the point. One thing I learned from reading different articles on the internet is that using a jade roller won’t help to penetrate any type of serums into your skin. I thought they did. The roller will help spread the serum around but thats about it. Fine with me sister. I love this tool and use it morning and night.

I have suffered (not really suffered just sort of being dramatic here) my entire teenage and adult life with KP, also known as Keratosis Pilaris. But I like to call it chicken skin because it looks like chicken skin, and I imagine it’s what chicken skin would feel like. Yuck I know. I have it on my upper thigh area, the backs of my arms, and behind my knees. It prevented me from wearing shorts when I was younger because it was SO embarrassing. When I moved to CA, it was unbelievably hot out here I didn’t give two shits and wore shorts all the time. I discovered a company called DERMADoctor that came out with an amazing line called KPDuty and I credit this Exfoliating Scrub and this Moisturizer for giving me the confidence I needed to do that. However, as much as I love this line, the scrub isn’t something I can use all the time. So I began looking around for alternatives. Something I could use more than the scrub and I was happy to have found a Dry Brush. I found mine on Amazon for under $10 and I use it 5 nights a week. It’s gentle enough for the backs of my arms, and I even use it on nights when I don’t shower. (You’re supposed to use it before you shower). Using a dry brush has made my skin so soft and even helps with those pesky little ingrown hairs I get during the summer.

The last tool I just recently discovered is a Tongue Scraper. I’ve always seen those long handled ones in the store but never ever thought to buy one. A few weeks ago I was watching an Instagram story video on the Shopgood  (one of my favorite clean beauty stores in San Diego) page and during their balance week vids, a Blogger mentioned that he started his day scraping his tongue. So, naturally I was curious and looked it up and the benefits were mind blowing. That evening Jonathan and I were at Target and I was looking for a tongue scraper but couldn’t find one and decided to order one off of Amazon. Well I forgot, and I’m glad I did because not only did I buy one from Spgood during an event that weekend, but I ran into the Blogger who spoke about out. We all know that brushing and flossing are an important part of oral care, but did you know that even after you brush and floss, theres still gunk stuck on your tongue?? I have been using my tongue scraper morning and night since I bought it and my mouth FEELS CLEANER than it ever has before. Using a tongue scraper helps with halitosis (bad breath) and I’m not joking, gives your mouth an overall feeling of just being cleaner. Try this experiment. Floss, brush, use mouth wash and THEN try the tongue scraper. I guarantee you will be scraping gunk off still. If that doesn’t convince you that you need one. girl I don’t know what will.

Incorporating these three tools into my daily routine has been life changing for me. They have each made such a huge difference in my skin, my breath and most importantly my confidence. Have you tried any of these or own them? Tell me below about your experience. I would love to hear all about it. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? I’ll link these items below so that you CAN join in on the fun with me.


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