Gorjana Event x Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Happy Monday Friends!

Todays post is about the Gorjana x Intrepid Fallen Heroes event I hosted last Thursday. The talented Charlene from Studio Luniste captured the evening and the pictures couldn’t have turned out better. When I reached out to Gorjana for the first time, it was to ask for bracelets to put into my goodie bags for my first event, and they graciously sent me a box. When I sent a follow up email to thank Gorjana for their generous contribution to my Luncheon, they asked if I wanted to host a store event, where 25% of the evenings proceeds would be donated to a non profit of my choice. I was elated, and once I agreed, I set to work finding a legimitate non profit.

It took me a good two days to find a non-profit that I actually felt comfortable donating to. I knew that when I started looking around online, that I wanted it to be Military affiliated. There are so many non-profits out there, and I used this website to make sure the non-profit I was interested in was legit. I stumbled upon the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund website, and after reading their mission statement, I knew this was the one. I truly believe that the work they’re doing for service members is SO important. If you don’t know, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund helps service members who suffer from TBI and PTS, and while my family hasn’t personally been affected by this, so many people have. I couldn’t imagine living a life where my husband needed these services. However, knowing that they are out there, and ready to help, makes me feel better.

The event was successful, and I was so proud to have been surrounded by so many strong, beautiful, and supportive women. A lot of the women who came, I met through my short blogging journey, and some of my best friends even showed up. I was, and still am so blown away by all the love I have received so far. It’s amazing what this platform has given me, and most importantly, who has come into my life because of it.

Ps. Heres a link to the necklace I bought. Palm Coin Necklace.

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