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Happy Wednesday folks.

Coming at ya with another Life Lately post. You know these are my favorite kind of Blog Posts because I can talk about whatever the hell I want to talk about ya know? So with that being said, now that my birthday has come and gone, I feel like life is supposed to be slowing down. But its not. Yesterday while Jonathan was out to get a haircut, I put Mav down for a nap and started putting groceries away when I heard this loud gushing sound coming from the hallway. I walked out of the kitchen and stepped into a huge pool of water. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the half bath downstairs and saw water just spraying out of the bottom of our toilet. I remembered when I pulled into the house earlier that there were maintenance guys working on the house across the street (if you don’t know by now, we live in military housing) so I ran over to the house they were working on and screamed at all of them that I needed help. Thankfully they dropped everything and came over immediately. One guy turned off the valve for the toilet, and another shut the water to the house off, and then we all got to work. At this point, there are five random men in my house all with brooms and towels from my laundry room trying to get the water out before it ruined everything. It had been less than five minutes and my entire downstairs was covered in almost two inches of water. Our living room rug was completely destroyed. The water had spread all the way into our kitchen and dining room and even into Mavs play area. It was insane. I’m extremely thankful that nothing important was destroyed, and even more thankful that I had been home when this happened. Poor Goose was in his crate when this all happened and was freaking the effect out. I kept joking to Jonathan that had I not been home he would have drowned. (not really) Everything is pretty much back to normal now, but they’ll be coming back to check for water damage to the walls and baseboards and possible mold.

Also, exciting news here!!! I decided about a week and a half ago that I wanted to throw a Blogger Brunch of some sorts. So I got to work contacting restaurants and vendors and now all of a sudden, I’m throwing a Blogger Luncheon. Like what? I’ve said it before in the past, I really love throwing parties. I don’t know why because I always get so stressed out about things happening or not happening, but they always seem to work out in the end and I usually love the outcome. I am teaming up with 264 Fresco in Carlsbad on September 29th to throw an intimate (and by intimate I mean like less than 50 people) Luncheon showcasing food and drinks that they serve on their everyday menu. I also decided since Bloggers are always talking about women empowerment that it was time we had a very meaningful discussion about something that happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So I reached out to the Women’s Resource Center of Oceanside, and asked if they wouldn’t mind having a representative attend our luncheon to talk about their organization and what they do to help battered women and children. This is a cause very close to my heart, and I want to get people talking about it. What better way than to have someone speak to a room full of women who have public platforms and followers from all over the world. I’ll add the link for ticket purchases below and hope that if you’re in the San Diego and los Angeles area, you’ll be there. This is going to be a fun way to meet and network with other women in the industry and make new friends while having some mimosas and delicious Italian food.

If you saw the photo I posted on  Instagram yesterday and read the caption, then you know that I ordered some stuff from Target before my birthday and finally went to pick them up. I got this rug  and this mirror plus a matching nightstand table for our master bedroom. Jonathan hates my rug, haha but I love it so much. I just felt like we needed some change and since we barely use the front door, there won’t be too much traffic in that area and my rug will stay pretty. We’ll see how it goes. I’m still on the hunt for a console table to fit in that small area, and was looking at this shoe cabinet ikea sells, and adding some pretty knobs to it. But then I’m also looking for two matching lamps for our room, plus something to go above our bed. We used to have a bed frame, but were just not bed frame people. What we really need is a bigger bed. I don’t know how we continue to sleep on a queen. Don’t you just feel like you’re constantly decorating and redecorating your house and somehow you’re just never fully satisfied? That’s me. Will be posting more updates on the entry way once I’m done. Do you like home decor photos? Or should I stay away from that? I’d love to know your thoughts. Also, link to buying tickets below.

Blogger Luncheon Tickets Here



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