Mavericks Favorite Toys

I get questions constantly from other mamas about what toys Maverick is playing with, so I decided to make a post in hopes of helping some of you with ideas for age appropriate toys. We try to keep it as minimal as possible to avoid overwhelming him, and again, no electronic toys. I wrote a post last year explaining why we completely got rid of all electronic toys. If you’re interested I’m linking that here. One rule I go by before buying a new toy is to donate an old one that way were not hoarding a bunch of toys he doesn’t play with anymore. His newest addition is a beautiful kitchen for under $100. I had been eyeing a $500 kitchen set from Pottery Barn and really needed to check myself, because that’s just a ridiculous price for something he’ll only play with a few hours a day. Also, my kid is destructive, and I needed something that could withstand Maverick in general. Boy moms, you feel me? I put together a shop-able widget with all of his toys for anyone interested. One tip I do have for mamas on a budget, (because lets be honest, we all want to buy our babes ALL the toys, but maybe our wallets don’t agree with that,) is to not be afraid to buy gently used toys. I do my best to keep toys clean in case I do want to try and re sell later so looking on the FB Marketplace, or second hand kids stores is a great place to start. I’m also linking Macs play area mat as well as his chair. These chairs are a little pricey, but he love his little chair and has really grown to love books lately and will go grab a book and sit in his chair and then I basically melt into a puddle. So in my eyes, totally worth it!

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