Mavericks Fresh 48

Mavericks birth was by far, the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. I didn’t endure hours of ¬†painful labor because I got an epidural. (I have an extremely low pain tolerance and probably would have passed out) So I thoroughly enjoyed giving birth to my kid. He made his debut two weeks early and how he got here is sort of a ridiculous story. The evening before I gave birth, we were in Palm Springs with four of our friends for a mini baby moon. We hung out by the pool all day and then went out to dinner. While we were lounging by the pool, I started getting crazy cramps in my groin and back area, but I had those before so I didn’t freak. They started to get worse during dinner so my friend Madison went back to the house with me and I immediately went to lay in bed. An hour went by and the pains only got worse, but I somehow was able to fall asleep. J and the rest of our friends came back around 3 am and I woke up with the worst back pain I had ever felt. My body was telling me it was time, so Jonathan and I packed up and since he had been drinking I drove and made it about halfway before I thought I was actually dying so I made the switch with J and he drove the rest of the way. I don’t even remember what time we made it to the hospital, but man were we a scene. I hobbled in the hospital because I could barely walk sounding like the crankiest person on earth, we had Goose in tow, and a now sober Jonathan was wide eyed and freaked because we both knew this was happening. Or so we thought. They told me I was dehydrated and gave me morphine and sent me on my way. I was pissed, but the morphine gave me two hours of sleep and time for J to sort of sober up. I called my Dr. who told me to take a warm bath and drink some fluids but after I did all that I woke Jonathan up and told him it was time. We packed a bag and took off for the hospital. I wasn’t even close to 5cm when they checked me in, but I refused to go home. So they had no choice but to accept me. I met my nurses, my anesthesiologist and then we played the waiting game. I was in AGONY. Im talking straight hell for the first two hours I was in the delivery room. I had never felt anything close to the pain of a contraction before and it was horrifying. Don’t let anyone fool you. I needed that epidural. I remember just crying and probably being the biggest bitch in that hospital but I couldn’t handle the pain. Once I got my epidural which was painless compared to what I had just been through, it was smooth sailing from there. My nurse stuck her fingers in me to feel how far I was, told me to push then immediately told me to stop because the baby was coming. I could not stop laughing at this point and then my Dr came in, felt around, broke my water for me, and I’m not even joking but about ten pushes later my sweet baby was born. We decided to do a fresh 48 shoot because I wanted to have these pictures of my teeny baby forever. They turned out amazing and I am so thankful we had these done.

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