My Goals for 2019!

Happy Fricking New Year! I love the New year because it’s the time of the year when all the workout classes are full, and everyone’s at the gym for an entire month before forgetting their memberships. (JK kinda) Don’t worry, I ain’t hating. I’m totally one of those peeps. I’m really big on making resolutions/goals, and I’m terrible at sticking with them. I know you’re reading this going yes girl, same. But if you’re not, please teach me your ways. This year, I’d really like to not make as many goals, that way, the few that I DO make, I can stick with. So, with that being said. I’m sharing my goals for this year.

  1. My Fitness goal for this year is to climb more. My work schedule doesn’t really allow me to climb after work, so I would love to get into the gym every Sunday while Maverick is napping. I started climbing a few years ago when Jon left for deployment and not only did it keep me fit, but it helped the days go by faster for me. Jon’s deployment was a dark time in my life, so climbing really became a lifesaver for me. I ended up falling in love with it, and unfortunately has to stop once I got pregnant. I started going again last week and have already been three times so far.
  2. One of my biggest goals not just for this year but life in general is to be healthier from the inside out. That probably sounded silly, but I learned about drinking celery juice last year while browsing Instagram, and I did it a few times but never really committed to it. This year, my goal is to drink it a few mornings a week (on an empty stomach). My reason for wanting to incorporate fresh celery juice into my morning routine is because of the benefits. The main ones being that it helps clear your skin, it prevents migraines, aids in digestion, and apparently it can help relax your nerves. If you’re up for trying this with me, we can keep each other accountable.
  3. My next goal is to be better about writing thank you notes. I’ve never been good about writing thank you notes, but last year and the year before, I REALLY failed at writing that you notes. I never wrote any thank you notes for my baby shower, or for Macs first birthday gifts, and honestly, the fact that it still bothers me years later is a sign that I need to be better about it.
  4. Our goal as a family is to get out more, and really take advantage of San Diego before we move. Now that Maverick is getting older and can stay awake longer, we’ve talked more about buying a hiking pack and going on family hikes. If you have hiking spots you love around the area, I’d love your suggestions.
  5. Lastly, my goal for my blog and my Instagram is growth. Genuine growth, and interactions with my followers. I fluctuate between doing really well, and then going days, or weeks without posting and I really want to put 110% into my posts this year.

I would love to know what your goals or resolutions are for this year if you feel like sharing them with me

Until Next Time

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