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As first time parents, okay fine as a first time mom (Jonathan didn't really stress about material things for Mav) I felt like I needed to be prepared for EVERYTHING. Im a semi type A person so I like being somewhat organized. I mean can you blame me? I can't be the only one. Before Mav came I literally stressed out making his registry because I had nooooo clue if I was getting the right things and since we were the first of our friends to have a kid, we kind of had to go off what the internet was saying was good. I can't tell you how much we relied on Google for random things. There was a lot of trial and error but 7.5 months in and Id say we did good. I decided to break my list up into two. The first half are the essentials we had before he could crawl.


I searched high and low for the right bassinet for him. Jonathan was adamant about no co sleeping (major eye roll because that didn't last long) I decided I wanted something that could rock him to sleep, play music and had a mobile. I didn't find an actual bassinet that I liked, but then I came across the dream glider and fell in love. It ended up being the best thing ever because Mav had terrible reflux and the seat in this could be moved into a sitting position. So the first 4 months of his life, he basically slept sitting up so he wouldn't choke on his own throw up. Crazy right? Thank goodness he's grown out of that.

(Mavs first nap in his glider)


Once Mav graduated from his glider to the crib, we decided to transition him into this sleep suit. I swear he would be so fussy, but as soon as I zipped him up and set him in the crib he was out. It creates a very comforting and secure feeling for them and he slept, well he slept like a baby in it.


We love our sleep sheep. Its portable, the straps allow for it to be strapped to the crib, and the sound selections are great. This combined with the sleep suit meant great sleep for our guy. The one con to this is that it doesn't last all night, but by the time its off, Mavs asleep anyways.


I loooooved these wubba nubs. Mav has completely kicked them out of his life but for the first few months of his life these were a godsend. I was told by my lactation consultant at the hospital to try and NOT be a human pacifier and i was determined. I definitely fed on demand, but he wasn't attached to me all the time thanks to these easy to hold pacifiers. I also completely went nuts and had about 10 of these around the house.


This swaddler was hands down my favorite. Mav was born in August and between then and December, the heat was unbearable so we mainly used this swaddler which also comes in this super cute color. However we did get some good use out of this. I would highly recommend it for anyone who lives in a cooler environment.


I loved this feeding pillow. Not just because it matched our swaddler, but because it was sturdy and thats what I want in a pillow. We also received the Boppy which I used, but this one was my favorite for sure.


The battle to find the right carrier for us stopped when I started using this. I got this as a baby shower gift but I also received about five other ones. I wanted to love them all, but none worked as good as the ergo. I think the best things about this carrier are the infant insert, and once they're big enough you can turn them around. I use this when I go grocery shopping because Mav loves looking at everything and we also had an incident where a woman stuck her finger in his mouth while he was in his carseat, so I definitely try to avoid any yucky fingers (thats a story for another time though )


I obsessed over this playmat way before I got it at my baby shower. It was super soft, and Mav loved it so much. He did lots of tummy time on here which turned into short naps, and he even rolled on this mat. Seriously my favorite. And I think its perfect for a boy OR a girl.

(Tummy time or nap time?)

Now that Maverick is older so much has changed. Its so crazy how they grow so quickly. So with that being said, we of course had to grab a whole bunch of new things for him. Can time slow down??


This thing is a literal lifesaver. Mav is now crawling and trying to get into everything so when I need a break, or if I'm in the kitchen I stick him in this and he truly loves it. The best part is it isn't an eye sore (hehe)


I actually just ordered this walker so we don't actually have it, but I tried a friends out and Mav had so much fun trying to walk around. I think this will be a welcomed addition to our home. I especially like the large tray for snacks and the minimalist look it has.


This was one of the best things we ever got. Since we don't have a designated play area or room for Mav, we stuck this in a corner of our house, threw all his toys on it and its perfect. The design possibilities are endless and the best thing about the foam is that its extremely easy to clean. Speaking of cleaning, ill just throw in that my favorite wipes are these. They not only get everything out, but they smell SO good.



Mav recently started BLW (baby led weaning) so I grabbed these utensils, this cup, as well as this dish and a few of these long sleeved bibs to help keep his clothes clean. I also bought this banana teether to help not only clean his gums but for teething purposes. So far our BLW journey has been successful. He will literally eat everything and anything we put in front of him. Im pretty sure my favorite part of the day is waking up and eating breakfast with him. Below is a picture of the set and colors I got from Amazon.

Lastly, these two items are new additions to our bath time routine and I honestly cannot reccomend this brand for bath items. After just two days of using the lotion and body wash, Mavs eczema cleared by 50% it was insane. Tubby Todd changed our lives and saved his skin. Well worth the money. I also bought this fun towel and want to order the beach version asap.


I hope if you've read this, you were able to find something you didn't know even existed and even if you didn't, thanks for stopping by. Im sure in a few short months well have graduated from most of these items and before we know it, he'll be asking for a bike!

Until next time!



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