Summer Sail Part 1

Happy Monday! It’s officially 5 days until my Luncheon and I’m feeling all kinds of feelings. But mostly excitement. I’ve put a lot of work into this Luncheon, so I can’t wait to just enjoy it. I told myself I was allowed to stress all month long as long as I didn’t stress out during the actual Luncheon.  Anyways, enough about that for now. Todays post is short, but I really wanted to share these pictures my amazing friend and photographer Sydney took of us. Two fun facts about me are that I can’t swim, and this sail shoot was actually my first time ever on a sail boat. I normally avoid water sports or anything having to do with water because I’m terrified of falling in and dying. I’m not being dramatic at all. A few weeks ago, Jonathan and I went jet skiing and I was TERRIFIED. I tried playing it cool because it was something he really wanted to do, but I was definitely going 10 MPH the entire time. People were flying past me like what’s wrong with this girl. Somehow I let Jonathan convince me to get on the back of his jet ski and of course, I end up flying off and lord knows if I didn’t have that damn life jacket on I definitely would have drowned. I took so much water into my nose I had a headache for like three hours. But, I survived and now I can tell people I’ve been jet skiing. So theres that.

The cool thing about having a Blog is that I don’t really need an excuse to get photos done. If I have an idea or a vision, I just throw them Syds way and she makes it happen. These pictures are the first pictures of just Jonathan and I since Mav was born. We’ve had a few shoots in the past pre baby, but I really wanted to do something different and decided it was good to go out of my comfort zone and what better way than to get on a sail boat! I’m in love with these pictures. She captured us, and thats all I could have really asked for. Don’t worry, I took dramamine before getting on the boat, but the water was so smooth, and our boat captain was extremely experienced and I actually enjoyed my time on the water. I’ll link the sailboat company we used here. It was out of Newport Beach and I highly recommend it. The boat was small, but actually SO perfect for a day of sailing. Enjoy!

(photos are in no particular order)


Also..side note…yes those are razor burns on my legs. I shaved my legs really quickly before leaving that morning and forgot to use shaving cream and thats what I got. Being a girl is tough!!

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