Wednesdays with Rothy’s

Hey Babes, It’s Wednesday, which means tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am STOKED. I cannot wait to stuff my face, have some wine, and hang out with some of our best friends. I had an extremely rough Tuesday at work, but, today is a half day for me so although I have a to do list a mile long, I’m happy to be getting shit done and then just relaxing. A few weeks ago I was approached by Rothy’s for a fun collaboration. They sent me these two amazing pairs to try and I fell in love with them the moment I put each pair on. I love that they’re comfortable right from the get, so I didn’t have to “break them in”. I’ve worn both pairs a few times, and have yet to get any blisters or any foot pain. The best part about these shoes are that they’re made from recycled water bottles. To date, Rothy’s has used 19,568,385 water bottles to make their shoes. That number climbs every single day! Talk about stylish sustainability. They are machine washable, even the insert comes out to make for easy washing and drying. They’re extremely lightweight, and flexible so they moved WITH your feet when you walk. I really love these, and encourage anyone who’s looking for stylish shoes for work or even everyday wear to check them out. You can use this link receive $20 off your purchase! 

These are the two pairs I chose. Leopard & Gold Houndstooth


Photos By: Studio Luniste

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