Why I Gave Mavericks Toys Away

Okay, before you think I’m a mean mom for giving all of Mavs toys away, I only gave his electronic toys away. I’m not bashing on anyone who buys electronic toys for their kids. They’re just not for MY kid. Before I tell you why I did what I did, I want to say that I believe technology can be good, but not for a developing toddler. I just don’t see the benefits in sticking an iPad or a loud, flashy toy in the face of a six month old. I didn’t grow up playing with toys like that, and neither did my husband. I’m not saying were perfect parents by any means, we just want to do what we feel is right for his development. When Mav was around 4 months I started buying toys and thought buying a play cell phone or a light up remote were fun to have around the house. It wasn’t until a month ago that I started reading articles and case studies on the benefits of having more organic type toys in the home, that I decided to make this change. Which wasn’t a very drastic change for us because he only had about five toys that needed batteries. We did decide to keep his walker which makes noise, but we don’t turn it on. We use it purely for walking purposes and just ordered an all wood one for his birthday. Now, here are 5 reasons for giving away/not having any electronic toys in our home.

1. Bright, flashy, loud toys are annoying. Don’t even try and pretend like they’re not. Most of the time kids have no idea what the toy is saying, but we do, and hearing the same sentences over and over in a high pitched voice with a generic song in the background is just not my cup of tea.

2. Interaction is important. I find that when Mav is playing with a non electronic toy he’s usually turning it around and really studying it. I’m also interacting with him more. (asking questions like what toy do you have? what color is that? can you pass it to me? etc) I don’t need a toy that tells my son that what he’s looking at is a dog, it barks, and wags its tail. I can do that. I’d rather spend more money on a figurine of an animal, tell him what it is, what noise it makes, and have him make the noise with me. Mav loves to say moo because his favorite book has a cow on the cover. We read this book at least 10 times a day, but I don’t get tired of it because seeing his face light up when I bring it out is what brings me joy. And he now knows what sound it makes because I repeat it to him over and over.

3. Overstimulation is real. I noticed that Mav would sit with his play cell phone and press the same buttons over and over and then become overwhelmed and toss it to the side. However, take another toy like a ball and he can play with that for a longer period of time. I love rolling the ball and saying things like “roll it back to mama” or tossing it gently and saying “thats called a toss, can you toss it back” and he does. He loves it when we bounce it on the floor or off the wall of his play area, and its helped him walk a bit too. I’ll put the ball in the far corner of his play mat and tell him to walk over to it, and he gets excited to do it.

4. We love books. I’d rather spend money on books, and always encourage people who want to buy him gifts to buy books. (I also love when they add a little note in the front page) Mav loves helping me turn the pages and will sometimes point to something on a page and look at me and I think its his way of asking me what it is he’s looking at.


If you’re a mom and wanting to make a change in what kind of toys your baby plays with, I’d suggest looking up some articles and really reading what the benefits are. I’ll link which ones I read here and here. I’ll also link some toys down below that we love. I’ve noticed a big change in the way Mav plays now. He’s a lot more independent, he talks a lot more, he’s pointing, walking, and sometimes you can hear him laughing at his toy. It’s so cute. If you made this change in your life, I’d love to hear about it below. Tell me what your babes favorite toy is and if you’ve seen a change in the way they play and interact with things. 

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